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Helping businesses to find best solutions with over 18 years of experience

Consulting Services

Comprehensive consulting services that tailored individual needs

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We are experts in small and medium businesses from various industries

We are committed to provide the highest consultancy approach

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Welcome!Multi Task Consultants

We are experts in this industry with over 18 years experience. When it comes to sustainability & corporate responsibility, we believe you deserved the best. What that means is you are going to get the right solutions.

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Your Needs Are Our Priority

Nothing is taken for granted at Multi Task Consultants. We will make sure that all your inquiries are attended to as we stand by our principles - to give you a peace of mind so that you are able to manage your business efficiently and cost-effectively.

We Serve Everywhere

We take great pride in our team of Chartered Secretaries and Chartered Accountants who have extensive experiences and are highly competent in their respective fields. From their diverse backgrounds, our team brings with them the necessary knowledge, know-how, and understanding to provide you with the best solutions.

Complete range of corporate secretarial service to provide right assistance to clients.

Comprehensive range of finance and accounting services.

Managing all manual and time-consuming tasks involved in payroll management.


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Why Multi Task Consultants

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Financial Experts

Experience and credentials to assist you with all aspects of financial, accounting and SST, whether it is about taxes, advisory on tax law, tax planning, or compliance.

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Professional Ethics

We maintain stringent professional standards and business ethics when we provide advisory services to our clients as they grow their businesses.